An autocatalytic cycle

[Comic: An autocatalytic cycle]

Benjamin Mako Hill says:

Wonderful! I will test this.

Mark (Monty) Montague says:

Was this inspired by

BTW, I've been enjoying the comic, and made a feed to read it from LiveJournal, in case that's useful to anyone but me:

Also, in case it's not obvious, I'm some guy who kinda knew you in person as a friend of friends at "Mentor Hovse," unless I'm confusing you with someone else...

Bryan Andersen says:

That's great! It also reassures me quite a bit. I have always been frightened by how an army of robots with mal-intent towards the human race could produce more and more efficient killing machines at alarming rates. Hopefully these brain boosting pills will give us the edge that evolution alone can't do in time.

adi says:

Hey! Nice comic! Though it seems you aren't very regular with the strip... When's the next comic due?

water damage atlanta says:

Ha, amusing!

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